100% Organic & 100% Fairtrade
100% Organic & 100% Fairtrade
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Our Story


My personal story

My name is Hélène, 28 years old, engaged and have two beautiful little children.
I always wanted to have my own store with baby and kids fashion.
But when browsing through endless catalogs I didn’t find something special to really stand out from the rest.

That’s when I decided to start my own label.

The Name

I love my two little children named Wolf & Lou to the MOON and back, but sometimes they can be little MONSTERS.
When me and my fiancé were brainstorming for a name for our label we came up with MOON MONSTERS.

Production & Quality

When researching possibilities for production we’ve always put Quality & Eco-friendly first. That’s why Moon Monsters works exclusively with organic cotton.
All fibres, ink and materials are produced in an eco-friendly process, safety tested, and certified by European laws.
Our production process is based in Turkey where quality is assured.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is a natural fibre that is much softer than conventional cotton and does not need to be treated with harsh chemicals and pesticides. 
Using organic cotton benefits cotton producers and the environment. 
Organic cotton is much better for your baby’s skin and is perfect for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. 
Organic cotton also improves the quality of your clothing because it lasts longer and can be washed more easily.

100% Unique & Unisex

Ever had that situation where Daddy and Mommy-to be didn’t want to reveal the gender of their baby?
That’s why MOON MONSTERS only uses Unisex designs.
To make sure whatever the gender is, you’ll always have something to give.
What is more cuter? Baby-clothes or an envelope with money?

Your order can even be send as a nice little gift in a funky Moon Monsters box!
If you are not sure about the print, you can always order a gift voucher!
Please do keep in mind that gift vouchers can only be used once. If you don't use the full value of the voucher, the remaining value will be lost.

All of our prints are designed by us, so they’re one of a kind! Each print is homemade and exclusively for sale at our Moon Monsters webshop. We opt for small quantities; therefore our products are often only temporarily available.